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have a great labor day holiday and we'll see you next fox news sunday. he unravels the truth behind the lib rattle lies and how it's hurting the democratic process. >> our economy is getting stronger by the day. >> you've heard from the president as he crisscrossed our nation on the summer recovery tour but is his message winning home with the american people. >> all the government we don't have. we aren't taking as much money
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as the government is spending every month. >> if he says it enough we're going to believe it. >> we've been following the president as he stops around the country talking to construction works and family who are supposed to benefit from the obama stimulus plan. tonight you will hear from all of them. >> many americans prepare their taxes on their own using online software like turbo tax but when the irs comes knocking on your door, can you use the excuse, i'm sorry, the software made me to do it. >> i used turbo tax to prepare my returns. >> did it prompt you to report income and self-employment taxes on your income? >> not to my recollection, senator. >> i don't think it's anything different with other politicians >> i'll be investigating why this defense worked for mr. geithner but probably won't
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work for you. >> a ceo of any entity cannot get away with that, why can the government get away with that? >> he is turning heads in the golden state. >> my mom -- we had ten people in a three bedroom trailer. >> this is someone who is a real american success story. a real bootstrap story. >> i'm here to introduce you to damon dun, former-n player and california republican candidate. >> here in sweltering desert. you think it's mojave desert but right here behind me, some people claim that it has them preparing for the worst. >> we're standing on top of a nuclear bunker right here. it's 35 feet down. it's 13,000 square feet and it's
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prove that conservative ideas aren't worth discussing. >> it's obvious that republicans are saying no again to progress for america. >> they say the party of the no. >> democrats constantly complain that the republican party is the party of no. >> it's the party of yes. >> what one man is challenging those claims. jury ard alexander is associate professor at the university of virginia and scholar with the marine enterprise institute. he argues for years, liberals have dismissed conservative ideas with a conned sending tone and he has evidence to prove. >> it liberals think they are self-evidently true. they tend to assume that their ideas are illegitimate. >> the professor says his research shows that liberals believe they are interest electrically superior to conservatives. we break it down to four
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different groups. first he calls the right wing conspiracy narrative. >> the great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it, the vast right wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced his presidency. >> the best theory suggests that a lot of things that conservatives say shouldn't be taken seriously because they are just manipulated words of elite. >> this idea presumes that republicans don't win elections because of policy ideas because sinister campaign tactics and it still resonates today. >> your wife talked about the right wing conspiracy targeting you. as you look at the opposition to the right against president obama is it still there? >> sure it is. it is not as strong as it was because america has changed. >> sean: second a sublimation narrative.
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>> second idea is what i call the sublimation narrative, like in psychology the assumption that conservatives hate energy from other sources and sublimate them into their politics. that is perfect cancellation of like in psychology you have an anxiety being caused by one thing but you end up expressing it through about things that are completely different. >> sean: this is the resentment narrative that claims that
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racial bias is the way conservatives think the way they do. >> their hopes and fierce, they channel into resentment into people that don't look like themselves. >> look what they said about the tea party movement. >> let's be honest what it's about, it's not about backing democrats or about taxes, they don't have no idea about boston tea party. this about hate ago black man in the white house. this is racism straight up. >> sean: we had an emotional narrative liberals painting conservatives as being driven by anxiety. >> they emphasize the moshltism that are especially conservative. in this argument liberals come to their views as a result of reasoning and education and editing wherein conservatives are inflamed by passion.
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>> look out president obama dismissed concerns over the health care bill? >> there will be those that oppose it but when folks in the status quo in an effort to scare people those that will stand in the way of reform will say anything to scare you. >> sean: another republicans don't have any good ideas or concerns. they just want the scare you. >> shame on each and every one of you that substitute your wills and desires above your fellow countrymen. >> there that is be greater respect for conservative thinking and conservative arguments and above all, conservative good faith. this effects our policy debates really negatively when only one side assumes the other side is acting in good faith, proposals are not passed for decades. as long as the condensation is there we'll be paying the price
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for many years to come. >> sean: joining me now is university virginia professor, visiting scholar, girard alexander. this fascinates me this whole thing. the idea that liberals think conservative ideas are illegitimate, number one and that they are interest electrically superior to conservatives? >> one the most important dynamics in american politics is that conservatives often think that liberals are wrong about policy but they assume they are acting in good faith. that their proposals are minimum wage, their proposals on all sorts of things are genuine. they are trying to do the right thing they are just wrong-headed about them but it's not reciprocated. the assumption is when they oppose a minimum wage hike they are out to screw the working poor. >> sean: i break them into two
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categories, there are good heart liberals. if we're nice with the evil they will nice to us. they believe it. they're wrong, but i think they are sincere. i think they really think, why don't we put all our money in big pot and they don't understand that socialism fails. there are others, though, that i believe fully complete this is about power for them and for the advancement of their political agenda. do you see that? >> every part of it. nobody has a monopoly on virtue or vice. there is manipulation on every side. the question is, can you see on the other side people acts inning good faith who are clearly trying to do the right thing. you talked about the obama the appeaser but nobody doubts that appeasesers in history they were trying to protect their country. >> chamberlin probably believed that peace in his -- probably
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would be real? >> to try to do the thing like jimmy kavlter saw it. he wasn't acting in malice. look how liberals have talked about richard nixon and ronald reagan, conservatives are evil are stupid. if they are smart like nixon or karl rove, it must be because they are evil people. they are run by evil people. >> sean: what i find interesting they think republicans only win with sinister campaign tactics and every election cycle we see democrats provide this rich versus poor and black versus white as evidence by the naacp ad. those tactics i see coming from them. >> if you look at more liberal discourse about elections it's
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going to focus on this deeply sinister republican and conservative campaign. dirty tricks. its karl rove combined. combined as how the republican party works. if you don't have a quarrel rove who is currently the strategist it's because you don't know his name. >> you are an anomaly in academia. i'll give you the last word. why have hard-core ex 60 radical hippies seemingly gotten a stranglehold on academia today? >> it's deeply fulfilling. faculties hire new faculty and once the monopoly is created it's extraordinary difficult to break. >> sean: professor, great work. we appreciate you being here. fascinating story. >> coming up the obama administration says this is recovery summer but we take a closer look at the claim and we find anything but, that and more next.
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>> sean: obama administration's recovery summer is in full swing and for most the summer he has been crisscrossing the nation, patting himself on the back and calling eight success. our reporter, she takes us behind the scenes of the recovery summer.
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>> when the president signed nearly one trillion stimulus bill into law back in may of 2009 americans were led to believe that a swift recovery would soon follow. consumer confidence remains low, unemployment remains high and many are fearful that a double dip recession will be on its way we shadowed the president this summer and we learned that many are not seeing the progress he says he is seeing. >> it is largely thanks to the recovery act that the second depression is no longer a possibility. >> the fact is the recovery act is working. we believe it has put us on a path to recovery. >> the economy is now starting to expand again. >> those are the sounldz of recovery summer, three-month long administration wide pep rally to promote the president's stimulus plan. >> the president and vice president highlight the steps that are being taken this year and this summer on specific
3:21 pm
recovery projects. >> reporter: that is the administration's rhetoric a far cry from reality. this summer the president made stops in michigan, touting his stimulus plan and even though michigan suffers from the second highest unemployment rate in the country at 13.2%, the president stuck to his talking points. >> it is wonderful to be here in holland and i'm especially to be here as compact power breaks ground on this site. this is about more than building a new factory. this is about building a better future for this city forks this state and for this country. >> reporter: but for holland, michigan, small business owners, that future is nowhere in sight. >> he's been to michigan twice. >> there may be some short gains
3:22 pm
to the stimulus money but long term we're going more depth for it and that debt a going to hurt in the future. >> the president is promoting stimulus saying it is helping the economy. is that reality? >> i don't think it's reality in my world. everybody is still losing his jobs. my brother-in-law last week lost his job. work is not coming in. contracts are not coming in. there is very little work for everybody. it's not here. it's not working here on the bottom of the food chain. >> reporter: he calls this the summer of recovery, what are your thoughts? >> again, he thinks we're stupid. he says it enough we're going to believe. it's not the summer of recovery. >> today for the first time in 2004, all three u.s. automakers
3:23 pm
are operating at a profit. >> reporter: you think our country should go in a different direction, what are your plans? >> it's going to be hard, we have to cut government. all the money that government spends we don't have. it's our country's future at stake. you have to be fiscally responsible. >> reporter: still, from the moment the president kicked off his tour, he has had a much different take on the state of the economy. >> today i return to columbus to mark a milestone on the road to recovery. 10,000th project launched under the recovery act. that is worth a big applause. >> reporter: but not everybody was hearing that. his visit forced several local businesses to temporarily shut down. >> barack obama is going in and doing a speech causing the whole children's hospital will be shut down.
3:24 pm
there will be no work here tomorrow. >> they are kicking everybody off the job. i guess we can have important people if they are on the job tomorrow, but i'm not happy about it. i have bills to pay. >> reporter: for those workers, the president couldn't have left soon enough. days later the recovery summer tour resumed. >> the economy is headed in the right direction. >> once again, rhetoric and reality are at odds. according to a recent fox news poll, majority of americans, 52% say the economy is getting worse and the number of americans think the economy is getting better declined 14 points since may. >> things are still tough, but they aren't as bad as they could have been. they could have been a catastrophe. >> reporter: from wisconsin, he touched down in new jersey and once again our cameras were
3:25 pm
there. >> i see a lot of closed stores. >> are we where we need to be? >> no. give eight year and a half. >> state of economy in new jersey are you feeling the effects of the stimulus plan? >> new jersey business is moving out. johns and general motors is gone. >> reporter: just moments after the president left his restaurant, one of the owners dave thornton told us, he has happy to see the president he wasn't sure that the president wanted to be here in the first place. >> he would have rather been playing golf today. >> stimulus or not, he says his business has been able to weather the storm. >> we've been fortunate through hard times because of the good value and low price of our food. >> basic economics will tell you there is no in such thing as a free lunch, ask the owners of
3:26 pm
the army navy store. like so many businesses on the recovery summer tour they were directly impacted by the president's visit. >> i said this will be great. few people came in for flags but after that, got too crazy and they asked us to close our doors. i can't have any business if both doors are closed. >> so the president coming to talk about the plan has been negative for the business? >> yes, it has. >> reporter: interestingly enough many of the stops on his tour happened to coincide quite nicely with democratic campaign events. that has many people questioning the administration's motivation. >> missouri wants to move forward. america wants to move forward. that is the choice in this election. >> reporter: in las vegas, more of the same, economy first, campaign second. >> i need you to work for harry reid.
3:27 pm
if you do. then our future is great and las vegas' future is bright. >> reporter: talking about whether or not the stimulus has worked. you heard firsthand from the american people and it sounds like they are far from satisfied >> sean: still ahead tim geithner blames his software for not paying his taxes but don't expect to use the same excuse and get away with it. an investigation into why the turbo tax defense is being shut down by judges. that and more, next. cium supple. aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box
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>> sean: the man that oversees the i >> sean: a man gets out of paying his irs taxes and shouldn't you? that is why they are trying to argue in courts all across the country. a special investigation on the turbo tax defense. >> the turbo tax defense. it's an excuse that gained popularity when used by treasury-secretary tim geithner. he successfully avoided penalties by blaming his online software turbo tax. but americans in the same situation aren't finding the irs so forgiving and now they are asking why mr. geithner is above the law. >> these were careless mistakes. they were avoid amp mistakes but they were unintentional.
3:32 pm
i should have been more careful. >> i want to apologize to the committee for putting you in the position of having to spend so much time on these issues when there is so much pressing business before the country. >> that was tim geithner apologizing during his senate confirmation hearing for failing to pay his taxes. all because he said turbo tax told him he didn'tied to. it's that excuse that has come to be known as the turbo tax defense. >> incorrectly filing your taxes could land you here, in tax court. it is at other courts around the country that are rejecting the geithner defense. >> on june 21 the court rejected the turbo tax defense. one of the things that made the case so similar both men failed to report earnings they made
3:33 pm
while working at ims. it is here at the internet monetary fund where his problems come. he was paid as an independent contractor inquiring him to fill out a w-2 form making him responsible for personal income and social security taxes. mr. geithner mistakenly to pay those taxes. he owed close to $50,000 and he eventually paid the money back, but he was never taken to court nor was he faced with penalties or fees. the only consequence was this televised grilling at his confirmation hearing. >> i mission takenly believed i was meeting my obligations but i did not prepare my returns in a way that caught that mistake initially. >> did you use software to prepare your tax returns? >> i did.
3:34 pm
>> you did, okay. which brand did you use? >> i used turbo tax to prepare my returns. >> did the software prompt you to report income and pay self-employment taxes on your ims income? >> not to my recollection, senator. >> in parker's case he said his case was similar to geithner's and there shouldn't be favorable rules to the well connected. >> geithner didn't have to say it so why should he. >> in the decision the court addressed parker's argument that they granted favorable treatment involving u.s. secretary of treasury timothy geithner but the judge went on to say that parker did not present any evidence relating to geithner's case. and it was irrelevant to the
3:35 pm
ruling anyway. in a recent case, a couple was called into tax court for their improper filing. they claim that the turbo tax software did not alert them to specific deductions and cited an article about geithner's use of turbo tax. that court rejected the fact that turbo tax was to blame. they were forced to pay penalties for their omission. as the turbo tax defense failed to work for anyone other than geithner himself? it begs the question, are their two separate rules. >> everyone recognized that he was about to be confirmed and the president wanted him confirmed. i'm sure that the irs and their discretion decided not to impose the penalties. >> i don't think it's anything different that we see with other
3:36 pm
politicians that get different treatment. >> a tax attorney who has successfully defended online software cases says all the defendants including mr. geithner should have consulted a professional before their filing. >> if you had consulted a professional, followed a professional's advice and the advice that the professional gave you was not correct, at least you could then say to the irgs, look i paid a professional for what i thought was the correct tax advice. >> even without getting professional help, john hewitt a tax software ceo says that geithner should have noticed the problem. >> online tax software is a calculator that comes with a disclaimer, the user is responsible for entering correct information to ensure a correct return. >> there are numerous
3:37 pm
publications that you could have read. turbo tax and explanations, you would have filed a proper return. >> it's clear there is a different set of rules for the average american and the other very troubling issue is that we have a sit-in treasury secretary who clearly doesn't understand the law. >> it's deeply problem mat particular as a citizen with your expertise that you don't consider making the contributions to the social security trust fund when the employer makes clear that it is the employee's responsibility. -- >> sean: still to come, they are turning heads in the state of california and we went behind the scenes of day monday dunne to his rise from the n.f.l. and
3:38 pm
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>> sean: gop top prospects for the election is stronger than ever and thanks to first time candidates to battle this administration. dana has the story on one candidate who may just be what the gop needs. >> day monday dunne is one of those candidates that has promised to take back the
3:42 pm
country in november. she unusual in many respects. it took him from a trailer in texas to stanford university and n.f.l. and into the business world. we met him at stanford. take a look. >> we have a an administration that says, well saying that we have entitlements that or not funded it would be good idea to add another entitlement. the ceo of any entity could not get away with that, why can the government get away with that. >> they have a formidable cyst. day monday dunn has spent nine months on the campaign trail but already turning heads. he is also amassed impressive voters from willie brown to former california governor pete wilson. >> this is someone who is real american success story. a real bootstrap story. >> his entry into politics was
3:43 pm
not faded. in the circumstances of his child it was down right unlikely. >> away were poor. my mom at simplify areas old my father was killed when i was at three. i was with ten people in a three bedroom trailer. one of my uncles went to prison for robbery. >> he learned early in life lifting himself out of poverty would require him to take his education seriously. >> it was not golden ticket to have a changed life. >> not going to college was not an option. that was instilled in him with v early on in life. >> but the value of education. >> the turning point in my life happened when i was 12 years old. i was a cut up in class and the teacher kicked me out of class. i was eating an lollipop and
3:44 pm
john for was pushing a mop. he looked and at me, he said young man, what are you doing out here? i was embarrassed. he said look in that classroom and tell me what you see. i looked in there and i looked back at him. he said, i see a bunch of people learning how to be your boss. that impacted me so profoundly because i didn't want anybody to be my boss. from that point moving forward, i started to get myself together. >> he excelled on the football field. >> we saw he had talent. he used that tallying enter. he was hard working when everybody left the field. football has been a way that opened doors for him. >> politics was far from his mind but his experiences in childhood would come to shape his political beliefs. >> it was obvious to me the government could be a safety net
3:45 pm
>> it was the effort that he exerted that caught the attention of a man that changed his life. as the number two receive they are the state of texas he was recruited by colleges and universities. >> joe walsh made me an offer i couldn't refuse. if you are good enough to play in the n.f.l. i'll put you in the n.f.l. and in addition to that, you can get an education. that the best education in the world. you can still accomplish all your dreams. >> he arrived in stanford in the fail of 1994. >> i came to stanford and, it was just amazing. it caused my ambition to grow. completely changed my life. >> it was at stanford that he first begin to understand to be a conservative. >> growing up, i always
3:46 pm
identified with being a democrat. everyone in my neighborhood was democrats. i honestly never met a republican i could trust. i went to stanford university and met condoleezza rice, but i've never been fiscally conservative but i never had someone come to me and share what it means to be conservative. >> he found success in academics and athletics. >> any time you come from a background it makes success so much more valuable, so much more fulfilling. what was wonderful about damon is that he was able to keep his balance. >> reporter: stanford football coach felt it in his life. >> i grew up without a father. i was always hungry for someone i could identify with.
3:47 pm
when i got to stanford university, tyrone came in my sophomore year. he was a man of impeccable integrity. >> under his direction, he set school records for longest return for a touchdown, and highest return ever. and bill walsh, when he was high school senior he headed to the n.f.l. after his graduation. >> when i heard he was playing pro, i thought you're not big enough to play pro. >> he played for four years, for jaguars, for the "new york times" jets and dallas cowboys. >> i realized that my gift from stanford but i dropped two balls the very first day and this guy is making five million a year. he said, damon, you dropped a mercedes engine. you better catch that money. >> damon was below average
3:48 pm
n.f.l. player. that did not sit well with him. he left the league and together with his roommate he started a small real estate business. it was the lessons he learned that was going to shape his political thinking. >> we balanced budget and made payrolls and we made profit. we sustained osse >> reporter: he found that governments serve as a road block and this is sense he took on the campaign trail. >> in the normal course of a business for a business owner to say, you know what, i have money and i want to invest in the american people. i believe i can do something greater. that normal business risk but when the government gets involved and they start to create uncertainty. you can no longer be the determiner of your own fate. >> reporter: california is bleeding jobs and suffering from debt. it's his business experience that has prominent supporters
3:49 pm
throughout the state. >> he understands generating jobs and income for other people is the way to help them and to help their families. >> damon dunne given his experience in business and given his experience as a professional athlete with his inspiration and his ability to communicate can do something. >> reporter: it has given him insight, not just athletics and politics but america itself. >> if i can live with ten people in a trailer and doing it every single day and transcend and go to stanford university and ending up owning my own small business. that is the american dream. it's what the individual can achieve assuming you can start what where you are and you can do what you can. you are part of the american dream. that is why people move to this
3:50 pm
country. they don't move here for entitlement, they move here for freedom. >> sean: still ahead, steven travels to the month had a have i desert that seems to be doing well in the sagging economy, doomsday bunkers, that and more straight ahead. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number? how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male nouncer ] fiber one chewy bars.
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>> sean: and stimulus bill threw money at states all across the country to stimulate all sorts of industries but one sector got no cash from the government and steven went to the nevada desert to find out how it's doing. >> you're right. no help from the government but business is booming anyway. this is one which the president may not want to take credit. >> we have created this year 2010, roughly 600,000 private sector jobs. the economy has been growing on the last three-quarters as slightly over 4%. >> reporter: despite these claims, businesses continue to struggle. one sector seems to be thriving under president obama. interestingly enough, the fallout shelter industry. people are literally buying
3:55 pm
doomsday shelters. it seems that they are making quite the comeback. according to u.s.a. today, business has never been better. he is the owner of an underground survival network. >> what type of people typically approach you in investing in the shelters? >> it's the average joe. we've got doctors and highly educated surgeons and policeman and ex-military. what they are saying, the reasons that they are wanting them. they are all different with central theme they do believe something is coming and they want to live. we get political comments, very concerned about the current administration. others are afraid of the middle east, others are afraid of natural disasters. >> reporter: we are standing on top of a nuclear bunker right now. it's 35 feet down.
3:56 pm
it's our smallest one. you aren't going to hurt it. it will withstand a 50 mega ton blast. >> reporter: so $50,000 my own private bunker i had to see what all the fuss was about. >> tell us about what you do here? >> hopefully we'll never need to use it. if we do, this facility is designed to accommodate, this is one of the smaller ones, 132 people for up to one year for whatever nature or mankind. so it's modern day fortress. you'll be accommodated with food water, shelter, medical supplies daily supplies, munitions and defensive measures so they can ride out the storm. >> reporter: so, it's that movie. >> i didn't see that one.
3:57 pm
>> when we're done this will look like a four-star hotel. very lush furniture. lots of seating areas and kitchens and lots of bedroom suites and a medical area. even a small jail. >> many people think the national security desire to negotiate with the world worst regimes may invite aggression. it makes uncertainty among those that see a doomsday scenario. >> what do you attribute the trend right now? >> we seem to have seen a lot of peek interest when obama got a lot of people saying that he was not leading us in the right direction. even a possible civil war. >> i talked with jason and steve networks people that thought
3:58 pm
that was a worthwhile investment? >> what prompted this investment in these shelters? >> mainly to prepare for my family in a worst indication scenario. terrorism since 9/11, god forbid a dirty bomb. a rogue nation like iran. my family would have to place to go for survival. >> reporter: what would you say to the critics who say this is going maybe a little bit far. >> basically it's a matter of having a choice. for us it's a real estate deal. we made a purchase of a shelter that is a place we can come to with any number of events unfold. i'm very disappointed with the financial policies of our administration, fiscal responsibility. i think it's position that the dollar could be devalued to the
3:59 pm
point there would be a total economic meltdown. so having a shelter would have a good place to go. >> reporter: let's say you want to get away from it you will all can you come here when you went? >> no. the true believers say they are making contingency plans and the rest of us will be sorry we didn't. >> make plans for the worst. they wish they did. >> at some point in not too distant future there won't be something that will cause people to have to seek shelter. >> they are hearing this stuff on the news every single day. they are saying, you know what, maybe we need insurance just in case. what if it does happen. prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> there you of it, folks. during the uncertain times some people are concerned about the ballooning debt but some premium

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